Abrams, H. English singing actress of Jewish descent from a family of noted musicians in London.  She was also a noted soloist in concerts and festivals, and was accompanied in her benefit concerts by Joseph Haydn when he was in England.  She published more songs than any other female English singer-composer.

3 songs “If silent oft you see me pine,” “All nature mourns,” & “Calma la pena amara” in CN79 Lieder and Other Songs by Women of the Classic Era, Vol. VII, one for medium voice and piano, one with violin and piano and two duets for medium voices.  Edited by Barbara Jackson.  Score & violin part. $30.00


Assandra. Organist and composer, born in Pavia, student of Benedetto Rè. Nun at Sant'Agata in Lomello.

1 motet “Duo Seraphim” (1609) for SSA and continuo in: CN12. Two Sacred Works for Three Treble Voices. Edited by Barbara Jackson (1990). Score $17.50


Barthélemon, C. English singer and keyboardist, daughter of famous professional musicians in London, friend of Joseph Haydn.  She published several volumes of music, one of which was dedicated to her friend Joseph Haydn.  This edition brings together all her works for accompanied piano / harpsichord.

CN17. [4] Accompanied Keyboard Sonatas for the Piano-forte or Harpsichord, with violin, violin and cello, and flute and cello accompanying the keyboard (1791-c. 1795). Edited by Calvert Johnson (1993). Score and parts set $50.00


Barthélemon, M. Mother of Cecilia Maria Barthélemon.  English singer and composer from musical Young family, married to violinist & composer François Hippolyte Barthélemon.  This volume was written for two charitable institutions - The Asylum for Female Orphans and the Magdalen Hospital for Penitent Prostitutes.  Haydn was a family friend and musical collaborator.

CN75. Three Hymns and Three Anthems, treble choir, 2 treble soloists and organ.  Edited by Barbara Jackson. $30.00


Beach.  Leading American composer and performer in New England during the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.

CN72. Birth for alto and piano.  Previously unpublished song. Edited by Judy Tsou.  $7.00

CN73. Chanson d’amour in D-flat major with cello obbligato (joint publication with Vocal Classic Reprints). Edited by Barbara Jackson. French and English. Score and cello part $15.00


Bembo. Born in Venice, student of Francesco Cavalli. Lived in Paris in cloistered community with pension from Louis XIV.

CN39. Per il Natale, a Christmas cantata for soprano, 2 flutes (or violins) and continuo. Edited by Claire Fontijn, harpsichord realization by Richard Egarr (1999). Score and parts set $35.00


Bon. Virtuosa di Musica da Camera in Bayreuth in court of Margrave and Margravine Frederick and Wilhelmine (flute-playing sister of Frederick the Great) of Brandenburg.

CN11. VI Sonate da Camera per il Flauto Traversiere e Violoncello o Cembalo (1756). Edited by Barbara Jackson (1989). Score and parts set $50.00


Brillon de Jouy. French aristocrat and keyboardist, one of earliest pianists in France, friend of Benjamin Franklin.

CN18. 2nd Duo de harpe et piano, sol minuer (after 1783). Edited by Barbara Jackson (1993). Two partbook set $25.00

4 French songs in: CN21. Lieder and Other Songs by Women of the Classic Era, Vol. III. Voice and piano, one also with horn. Edited by Barbara Jackson (1994). Score and horn part $30.00


Cécile, J. Student of Nicholas Séjan, organist at Notre Dame and also a champion of the new piano.  She performed a concerto by Johann Samuel Schröter in the Concert Spirituel as a 13-year old, and performed there again in 1785 playing her own concerto.  Nothing is known of her life after this performance.

CN76.  Concerto in C Major for Fortepiano and Orchestra (1785).  Edited by Barbara Jackson (2012).  Full score $36.00. Orchestra parts set $35.00


Cianchettini. Born in the Dussek family in Bohemia, went to England as successful pianist and married music publisher Cianchettini. Active as pianist and composer and teacher of her two musical children, Veronika Elizabeth and Pio. Sister-in-law of Sophia Corri Dussek.

CN38. Piano Sonata, op. 8 and Variations on a Roman Air for piano. Edited by Sarah Mahler Hughes (1999). Piano score $16.00


Cléry. Harpist in the court of Marie-Antoniette.

CN9. Trois Sonates pour La Harpe ou Piano-forte avec Accompagnement de Violon (1785). Edited by Barbara Jackson (1988). Score and part set $28.00


Cosway. Italian born English composer, painter, and engraver, friend of Thomas Jefferson when he was ambassador to France.

2 songs for one voice and harp and two songs for two voices and harp in CN21: Lieder and Other Songs by Women of the Classic Era, Vol. III. Edited by Barbara Jackson (1994). Score and horn part $30.00


Cozzolani. Benedictine nun at S. Radegonda in Milan.

CN34. Magnificat (SSAATTBB & continuo) (1650) Edited by Barbara Jackson (1998). Score $30.00. Discount for multiple copy orders.


Dibden. Member of an English family of actors and singers, her grandfather was the famous actor Charles Dibden.  She was a harpist who taught at the Royal Academy of Music.  In 1848, she married L.H..J. Tonna, an evangelical pamphleteer, and no music survives after that date.  She wrote many songs as well as works for harp, often variations or fantasias on popular songs.

Song, Sweet Rose Come Away in CN79. Lieder and Other Songs by Women of the Classic Era, Vol. VII.  Edited by Barbara Jackson (2012). $30.00


Eichner. Singer and Lieder composer in the Hofkapelle of Prince of Prussia (later Friedrich Wilhelm II)

3 Lieder for voice and Klavier [fortepiano or clavichord] in CN33. Lieder by Women Composers of the Classic Era, Vol. IV. Edited by Barbara Jackson (1997). Score $30.00


Grazianini. Wrote two oratorios for Imperial Court in Vienna in early 18th century.

Arias in: CN6, 14, 15, 28. Arias from Oratorios by Women Composers of the Eighteenth Century, Vols. I, III, IV, V (1705). Edited by Barbara Jackson (1987, 1990, 1996). Score and parts sets.

CN6 $37.50

CN14 $30.00

CN15 $30.00

CN28 $30.00


Grimani. Wrote two oratorios and an opera for Imperial Court in Vienna in early 18th century.

Arias in: CN6, 40. Arias from Oratorios by Women Composers of the Eighteeth Century, Vols. I, VII. Edited by Barbara Jackson (1987, 1999). Score and parts sets.

CN6 $37.50

CN40 $35.00

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